Minor Ball Screw Repair

Minor Ball Screw Repair and Reload Services

Barnes Industries specializes in minor ball screw repair reload services that will reduce a customer’s machine downtime to an absolute minimum. We have the largest ball screw repairselection of sizes of ball bearings of any ball screw company in the world, with .0001 inch increments for nearly all standard sizes of metric and English ball bearings.

This ensures the possibility of a reload or minor repair for any manufacturer's ball screw received. We also have on hand a large supply of original salvaged, usable parts from major U.S. and foreign ball screw manufacturers. These parts are available for emergency repairs only and are never used in our full ball screw reconditioning process. We have the machining facilities to expedite the re-manufacture of any original ball screw components that may have been damaged beyond use. Qualified, experienced engineers and technicians provide the know how to round out the team required to give the fastest expedited ball screw service in the industry, including overnight and same-day turnaround in many instances.

Minor Ball Screw Repair Service

In certain cases, a minor wear condition can be corrected properly by reloading the nut and screw with over-sized balls. This reloading procedure is carried out only if the following conditions are met.

  • The ball screw and nut thread raceways are in good condition ball screw repair services
  • The ball screw and nut raceway radii and root diameters are in tolerance for the ball that is to be used in reloading. This ensures that the ball conformity and contact angle are correct.
  • The ball screw thread root diameter must be straight or require minimal lapping.
  • The ball screw thread lead must be within machine tool tolerance. Customer approval is required if lead is out of tolerance.

If these four critical conditions are met, the ball screw can be reloaded and given up to a 6-month warranty.

Ball Screw Reload

Sometimes on integral preloaded nuts (even in good condition), an oversized ball used to offset wear and to establish preload will not run at the proper contact angle. This results in a short wear life and the reload procedure is not carried out. If the screw thread radius and root diameter are not out of tolerance, then they could be polished (or lapped) and proper reconditioning would require a new ball nut only, which is given a 12-month warranty.

custom ball screw repair ball screw inspection


precision ball screw repairThe ball screw is cleaned and completely inspected (See inspection procedure under Ball Screw Reconditioning). Bearing journals are inspected for proper size and critical runout and concentricity to the screw diameter. If the bearing diameters are worn, they need to be corrected for the ball screw to function properly in the machine tool.

ball screw retrofittingball screw repairsBearing journals that are undersized, scored, damaged or bent are repaired by a process determined by inspection. Repaired journals meet ABMA specifications for class ABEC-5 or better.

lead screw repairscrew repairBearing journals that have been broken off can be repaired by a special process. Ship ball screw and journal pieces to us and we will engineer and install a new journal that meets ABMA specifications.


Extra Long Ball Screw

Reconditioning of Large Buttress Screw 

High Load Capacity Ball Screw 



Alloy Steel
Stainless Steel


Thread Grinding
Cylindrical Grinding
Induction Hardening
Flame Hardening
Furnace Tempering
Thread Whirling
Deflection Testing
Lead Inspection
Inspection and Testing

  Special Services

Design Assistance
Emergency Reconditioning
Reload and Minor Reconditioning
Repair Broken Journals
Detailed inspection of failed ball screw assemblies
Diagnose machine tool discrepancies leading to failure
Pinpoint ball screw application errors
Identify alignment related premature ball screw failures

  Maximum Screw Diameter

6" (Larger sizes can be handled upon request)

  Maximum Screw Length

52' (Larger sizes can be handled upon request)

  Screw Lead Accuracy (Tolerance)

Reloaded Ball Screws:
Customers will be notified of lead accuracy.

Ball screws Reconditioned by Lapping:
Customers will be notified of lead accuracy.

Ball screws Reconditioned by Regrinding:
±0.0005" per Foot, Cumulative

  Precision Ball Diameter Tolerance

+/-0.000025" (Grade 25)


  • Depending on the type of processing, cost estimates for repaired or reloaded ball screws are calculated, and the customer is notified for a purchase order approval before any other operations are carried out.
  • Our sales department will give firm not-to-exceed costs for our various types of services and the delivery times at the time of inquiry.


  • Backed by the support of our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide fast delivery time on all our repaired or reloaded ball screws.
  • Overnight or same-day turnaround time in many instances


  • Ball screws processed for minor repair and reloaded ball screws will carry a warranty up to 6 months. (If Barnes determines a screw non-repairable and customer wants it to be repaired, no warranty applies)

  Grinding Equipment

Thread Grinders: MATRIX 70, Mitsui-Seiki, Excello, Jones & Lamson

  Standards Met

American Bearing Manufacturers Association's (ABMA's) Class ABEC-5 Standard
ISO 3408 and DIN 69051

  Industries Served

Machine Tool
Machine Tool Rebuild
Material Processing
Power Generation

  Partial Client List

Baker Oil
Dainichi Machinery
GE Aircraft Engine
General Dynamics
John Deere
Parker Hannifin
Peiffer Machine
Solar Turbines
Spirit AeroSystems
The Daniluk Corp.

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