Precision Ball Screws

Barnes Industries, Inc. is the industry leader for best delivery of new precision ground, semi-precision and commercial grade ball screws with internal or external ball return systems. (Go to the Resources tab and “How a Ball Screw Works” for more information on internal or external return systems.)

ball screwsball screw external return

new ball screw assembliesnew ball screw assembly

Most new precision ball screw assemblies manufactured by Barnes are delivered in 5-7 weeks or sooner if expedited. Just submit a drawing or sketch of your screw, or send in a sample ball screw assembly, and we will begin the quoting process immediately on a high quality unit that will fit as a direct replacement in your machine tool.

Barnes Industries manufactures new ball screws faster than anyone in the ball screw industry. We have even made 6” diameter x 40 foot long ball screw assemblies in only 6 weeks. This is accomplished by proven manufacturing processes, rigid quality control, and an extensive inventory of induction hardened and precision ground alloy steel shafting that is ready for processing.

new ball screw manufacturing

Screw material is always on hand for all common English and metric sizes between 1/2 inch and 6 inch (12 mm to 150 mm) diameter with lengths through 40 feet, (12 meters). Longer lengths can be manufactured by permanently joining bars by a special process to achieve screw lengths up to 52 feet (15.8 meters). For screw diameters larger than 6 inch or lengths over 52 feet, please consult our sales department.

Barnes New Ball Screws are manufactured to high quality standards, which meet or exceed all applicable industry standards including ANSI, ISO, DIN, and JAS (ISO 3408 and DIN 69051). Close control of thread form radius and lead provide increased load carrying capacity and longer wear life.

We offer engineering assistance for new ball screw designs and for improving existing applications, including conversions and retrofits from acme screws to ball screws. Our engineering department will work with machine tool manufacturers seeking to improve machine designs or make custom ball screws for special applications. They strive for continual improvement in every ball screw application for every customer no matter what size. Call today to see how Barnes can assist you in improving the design life of your ball screw.

Barnes Industries has invested heavily in recent years to improve efficiency of larger quantity orders. With the purchase of CNC lathes and several CNC retrofits to milling machines we are ready to supply multiple quantities of new precision ball screws. Many process improvements have been made as well to enhance work flow while maintaining the same superior Barnes quality that has made us a name in the industry. Call today to get a competitive price and fast delivery on your next ball screw requirement.

new ball screwsprecision ball screw assembly

ball screw thread assemblythread screw assembly

Special designs or applications are not a problem. Barnes has manufactured new ball screws of every size and pitch ever produced. Nut rotating applications are one of our specialties. They are used in many slender screw applications where rotating the screw would cause excessive vibrations due to critical speed. We have many rotating nut designs on file to assist you in your engineering. Call today to see how Barnes can help you in adapting a high quality Barnes design to your machine tool. Our extensive engineering background in ball screw applications will be at your immediate service.

rotating ball nut assembly


Extra Long Ball Screw

Reconditioning of Large Buttress Screw 

High Load Capacity Ball Screw 


Material and Heat Treatment

Ball Screw

Material: SAE 6150 Alloy Steel
Heat Treatment: Induction Hardening
Minimum Hardness: 58Rc to Required Case Depth


Material: Aircraft Quality SAE 8620 Steel
Heat Treatment: Carburized & Hardened
Minimum Hardness: 58Rc to Required Case Depth

 Balls (Grade 25 or Better)

Material: 52100 Chrome Steel

 Return Tube

Material: SAE 4130 Steel
Heat Treatment: Flame Hardening
Hardness: 63 - 66Ra


Material: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Heat Treatment: Flame Hardening
Maximum Hardness: 40Rc

 Stainless Screw Assemblies

Material: 17-4 PH or 440C



Thread Grinding
Cylindrical Grinding
Induction Hardening
Flame Hardening
Furnace Tempering
Thread Whirling
Deflection Testing
Lead Inspection
Inspection and Testing

 Special Services

Proven Application Engineering
Design Assistance
Emergency Reconditioning
Reload and Minor Reconditioning
Joining Longer Bars
Material on Hand for All Sizes
Expedited Delivery
ACME Screw Conversion to Ball Screw
Roller Screw Conversion to Ball Screw


Machine Tools
Lifting Systems
Power Transmission Equipment
Electromechanical Cylinders
Precision Valves
Rotating Ball Nut
Pressure Screws
High Load Capacity
High Speed Designs
Stretch / Press Applications
Positioning Tables
Transfer Machines

 Screw Types

Ball Screw
Lead Screw
ACME Screw
Buttress Thread Screw

 Nut Styles

Internal Ball Return System
External Ball Return System
Rotating Nut Design

 Maximum Screw Diameter

6" (Larger sizes can be handled upon request)

 Maximum Screw Length

52' (Longer Lengths can be handled upon request)

 Screw Lead Accuracy (Tolerance)

±0.0005" per Foot, Cumulative (special lead accuracy upon request)

 Precision Ball Diameter Tolerance

+/-0.000025" (Grade 25 or Better)


  • Based on customers' specific servicing needs, competitive costs for new ball screws are determined.
  • When the type of servicing and costs are determined, the customer is notified for a purchase order approval before any other operations are carried out.


  • Backed by the support of our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide fast delivery time on all our new ball screws.
  • Most new screws manufactured in less than 30 days, some within 2 weeks, depending on size.


  • New Barnes ball screws are given an in-service warranty (begins at the date of installation).
  • New Barnes ball screws will be warranted for 24 months or 20 million inches of travel whichever comes first.

 Barnes Ball Screw Advantages

  • Engineered to a high load capacity and life rating
  • Barnes ball screws are induction hardened and ground to high precision tolerances to ensure high durability and rigidity.
  • Worn ball lead screws can be reconditioned by regrinding, which saves replacement cost for customers.
  • With long lasting Barnes ball screws, metalworking plants can cut machine tool downtime.
  • All Barnes ball screws come with an in-service warranty.

 Grinding Equipment

Thread Grinders: MATRIX 70, Mitsui-Seiki, Excello, Jones & Lamson

 Standards Met

Ball Screw: ANSI, ISO, DIN, JAS
ISO 3408 and DIN 69051
Journals: American Bearing Manufacturers Association's (ABMA's) Class ABEC-5 Standard

 Industries Served

Machine Tool
Machine Tool Rebuild
Material Processing
Power Generation

 Partial Client List

Baker Oil
Dainichi Machinery
GE Aircraft Engine
General Dynamics
John Deere
Parker Hannifin
Peiffer Machine
Solar Turbines
Spirit AeroSystems
The Daniluk Corp.

Ball Screw

Material: SAE 6150 Alloy Steel
Heat Treatment: Induction Hardening
Minimum Hardness: 58Rc to Required Case Depth


Material: Aircraft Quality SAE 8620 Steel
Heat Treatment: Carburized & Hardened
Minimum Hardness: 58Rc to Required Case Depth

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