Buttress Thread Screws

buttress type screwsBarnes Industries manufactures new Buttress type screws as well as any lead screw with a special thread form. Buttress type screws are primarily used in vertical applications where the load is firmly supported on the upper flank of the thread. These tend to be higher load capacity actuators than common Acme or Trapezoidal screws. Send a drawing of your Buttress screw and nut assembly to our Sales Department for a quote. If you have a sample screw that is worn or damaged, send it in for a no-charge inspection and get a quote on a Barnes replacement screw. Some large buttress screws are able to be reconditioned. A new Buttress nut will be fitted to the new or reconditioned screw according to the thread accuracy required for each specific application. We can manufacture any type of lead screw (Buttress thread, V-thread, or Special thread form per customer specifications), with capacities up to 8” diameter by 65 feet long. Barnes has high grade alloy steel in stock for up to 7 ¼” diameter and 40 feet long to help expedite delivery of very large industrial lead screws.

buttress thread screwsBarnes has the engineering know-how, skilled machinists and equipment to assist you in your special lead screw needs. We offer ground screws with a lead accuracy of .0005” per foot and a milled or whirled screw with .002” - .004” per foot lead accuracy. We can design and manufacture high accuracy or high load capacity Buttress or special thread form screws with English or metric leads.

Most buttress thread screws manufactured by Barnes are made of tough wear resistant materials such as Stressproof or pre-hardened SAE 4140 or 4150 steel. Other designs may require a much higher hardness screw material for greater strength and long wear life. Still others may need a special coating on the threads such as thin dense chrome or phosphate. We can assist you with special lead screw materials also.

buttress lead screws

The nut material used on Barnes Buttress lead screws is usually CA95400 aluminum bronze. Heavy duty lifting applications may require a much tougher grade of bronze such as CA86300 manganese bronze. Whatever your design criteria, Barnes can help you with your Buttress lead screw requirement.

buttress thread screw assembly

Our custom made Buttress or special thread form screws are cost effective options for a variety of linear motion applications. We have extensive expertise in retrofitting lead screws of any type to ball screw assemblies if you are looking for an upgrade for your CNC machine or lift system.

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