Ball Screw & Lead Screw Products

Barnes Industries is the leader in manufacturing highly engineered ball screws and lead screws. We have designed and manufactured thousands of screws for the machine tool industry.internal-engineered-products

We offer engineered solutions to difficult ball screw applications where other manufacturers may have failed from a lack of experience. Barnes utilizes decades of ball screw design experience in machine tool applications and troubleshooting to assist in improving your machine’s performance.

Barnes strives to increase the life of every screw we design. If you have had failure problems with your ball screw we will carefully analyze the failure and make professional recommendations to extend the life and improve operating efficiency. Many conventional Acme lead screws or Trapezoidal screws can be retrofitted to ball screws and improve efficiency dramatically. We offer a wide range of Engineered Products to assist you:

  • Manufacture New Ball Screws
  • Manufacture New Acme Screws
  • Manufacture New Trapezoidal & Buttress Thread Screws
  • Expedited delivery on new screws available
  • High Quality / High Precision
  • High Load / Heavy Duty
  • Fast Lead / High Speed
  • Rotating Ball Nut Assemblies
  • Unparalleled Technical Expertise
  • Engineering Application Assistance
  • Large Capacity Up To 8” Diameter & Up to 52’ Long

We can also manufacture your screw assembly to your exact print or specifications. Just contact our Sales department today to see how Barnes can help you through our Engineering expertise

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