High Load Capacity Ball Screw

Barnes Industries can design and manufacture very high load capacity ball screw assemblies with short deliveries. Hess Industries of Niles, MI, one of the world’s leading suppliers of metal forming machines, contracted Barnes to design and build a ball screw assembly for their heavy duty wheel industrial equipment.

The machine would require a working load on the ball screw assembly up to 1023kN (230,000 LBf). This can only be accomplished by closely controlling the accuracy of the helical raceway of the ball nut and screw, with matching thread pitch, radii and root diameters. The heavy load is then evenly distributed over all the balls in the assembly. Proper raceway hardness and case depth are also critical.

Once a design is agreed upon with the customer, Barnes begins processing the large ball screw immediately from our extensive stock of hardened and ground material. The screw thread is roughed-in on our large capacity whirling machine which facilitates the shortest possible delivery.

Chuck view & operatorFront view of Whirling Attachment


By whirling the thread close to the finish size, less heat is generated during final thread grinding giving a very accurate thread very quickly. The ball nut is manufactured to the exact size to match the screw and the finished components are assembled and thoroughly tested to meet the criteria of a high load application.


Barnes has made some of the highest load capacity ball screw assemblies in the world.


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Product Description

New high load capacity ball screw assembly with short delivery

Capabilities applied, processes

  • Large capacity thread whirling of hardened steel bars
  • High precision tolerances maintained

Tightest Tolerances

  • Close control of thread pitch, radius and root diameter of screw and nut
  • Matching thread leads between nut and screw to give even load distribution

Material Used

High alloy hardened and ground bars in 40 foot lengths on the shelf, ready for processing

Thread Cutting and Grinding

  • Screw roughed in a large capacity thread whirling machine
  • CBN tooling used for rapid material removal
  • Matrix 70 thread grinding machine used for finishing ball threads.
  • Extensive steady rest support required
  • Accurate hook-ups between thread ground sections
  • Continuous thermal control during grind to insure that tight tolerances are met

Application Assistance

  • Engineering assistance available
  • Dependable ball screw load and life calculations
  • Designing accuracy into the processing of the ball screw components to insure all tolerance requirements are met
  • Design assistance with other related machine components
  • Designing for high loads in excess of 250,000 lbs.

Delivery Time

  • 8 weeks or less (depending on size)
  • Expedited service available

Delivery Location


Project Scope

Design and build a large ball screw assembly with high load capacity and short delivery

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