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Industries Served

high-load-capacity-ball-nutBarnes Industries is the leader in servicing ball screws and lead screws across many industries. We have a solid track record of the highest quality and fastest delivery of any ball screw manufacturer or repair service.

Barnes engineers and technicians have been highly trained to meet the needs and requirements of many diverse industries. We have extensive knowledge in machine tool applications involving turning, milling, drilling, high speed machining, grinding, mold/press machines, transfer machines, lift systems, contour machining, routers, and many others.

We offer engineered solutions to difficult ball screw applications. Barnes utilizes decades of ball screw design experience in machine tool applications and troubleshooting to assist in improving your machines performance. Some of the industries we have experience servicing are:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Machine Tool
  • Agriculture
  • Furniture and wood processing
  • Power Generation
  • Material Processing

We have worked extensively with various Machine Tool rebuilders. We can retrofit older equipment Acme screws to efficient ball screws during a CNC upgrade. Call us today to see how Barnes can help with your ball screw or conventional screw needs

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