Ball Screw Informational Resources

engineeringThere has been a long standing policy at Barnes Industries that a well-educated customer is our best customer. It is always a win-win situation because informed decisions about the actuators for your machine tool can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your equipment. As your productivity increases from more “up-time” your faith in the Barnes name and quality will build. We want to be the dependable source for all your ball screw and lead screw needs.

Barnes has assisted in many problematic equipment problems over the years for many of our customers and has gained a vast knowledge base to draw from. We gladly pass this information on to our customers so they can make informed decisions about their ball screw or lead screw purchases or about the maintenance or troubleshooting of an installation in a machine.

Aside from the following educational articles, we also conduct ball screw and maintenance training seminars on a periodic basis in our seminar room here at Barnes. We offer these to our valued customers only; they are not for the general public. Call our Sales department today to see about further training for your maintenance, purchasing and engineering personnel on why ball screws fail, how to extend ball screw life and correct installation procedures.

Barnes Industries is your trusted source for ball screw and lead screw information. This extensive website was built with our customers in mind. Call our sales department today with your ball screw or installation problem and we will be at your service. Already worked with us? Please, take our customer survey to help us continue to grow and improve in serving you!

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